The State of Racial Inequality 2020
Session 1 • August 6, 2020
Session 2 • September 10, 2020
Session 3 • September 21, 2020
Session 4 • October 1, 2020
Session 5 • November 5, 2020
Session 6 • January 14, 2021


Illustrator, author, and visual strategist, Emily Marko, creates visual tools that empower people – from entrepreneurs and busy moms to socially conscious businesses and nonprofits – to take strategic action!

Emily sketches in one-on-one sessions, group meetings, and at events, to capture thoughts, dialogue, or presentations, as vibrant pictures. This engaging and scientifically proven visual approach can help others organize ideas, simplify complex topics, map out solutions, energize audiences, or add spark to their story.

Take a peek at Emily’s work including her book, Wide Awake, and online program, Relaunch, at

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